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The Synanon website itself is private. It is intended only for former members to share memories and pictures of an important part of their lives. In response to requests by various researchers, we have provided these links to publicly available sites dealing with Synanon. Most do not reflect our views of Synanon.

A video of Synanon Children
A video of Synanon including the infamous snake
Article where a game-player describes his Synanon Trip experience
Casa del Mar (former Santa Monica home of Synanon)
Congressional record April 10, 1997
Excerpt from a book by Wesley M. Fager
Movie Review
Religious Movements
Sects and Death by William S. Burroughs
Synanon Germany -- Still going (in German)
The 1967 Rolling Stone Concert
Former Synanon home at Tomales Bay -- now a conference center
The Light on Synanon
The rise and fall of Synanon. A three-part series by Phill Jackson.
UCLA Archives
Walker Creek today (another former Synanon property)
Quit Day (stop smoking)
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